Friday, July 1, 2011

June Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim25,500 yards9:30 hours
Bike227 miles14:30 hours
Run20.21 miles3:03 hours

I took a surprising 12 days off this month. That's a combination of a killer week of "the day job" right after Trinona, and very poor planning on my part the week before Trinona. So for the 7 days on either side of Trinona I only did 2 structured days of workouts.

Swimming is basically on auto pilot. I get up and go to the group training three times a week, my overall conditioning is getting better, and the coach just said that my last workout was the strongest he'd seen from me yet.

The bike is still the focus, I am trying to figure out good ways to build speed, but also have time for everything else. One thing I realized is that the group that I ride with does fairly even rides, meaning there aren't big bursts of speed, or any focus on hill work or anything. The result is overall conditioning and endurance, but my goal is conditioning and speed. So I'm hatching a plan to augment my work outs with some interval and hill work.

The plan has three parts
  1. Utilize the trainer - when I don't have time to ride when it's light out, hit the trainer. These turn into interval workouts.
  2. Make additional time for hill work - I'll sacrifice some running for this
  3. Stay with the group rides. I am by no means the fastest, or even in the fastest sub-group, and having stronger riders to try to stay with is helpful to get me out of a comfort zone.
Running is in total maintenance mode - I'm now down to two runs a week, I took one of them for a bike specialty training day. Hopefully this won't backfire on me.

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