Thursday, May 12, 2011

Race Preview - Lakes area Endurance 5k

The second 5k of the year coming up tomorrow. The last one I did was in March, and the overall goal for this one is to do better than that one. There are some big differences between the two. First - this one is in MN and looks like it runs through a neighborhood, the first one was in FL and ran next to the ocean. Second, I've never run this course, the other course I ran weekly. Third I probably won't be running alone (in my little group), the last time my sister and wife were pushing kids in strollers. My wife will be pushing kids in stroller, but I'm thinking her brother and I will be shooting for similar times and will be close to each other.

Race Info
The run looks like a loop through a neighborhood with no major hills, and a bunch of little turns. My plan of attack is to take it out strong and see how far my legs can take me. I don't have a good feel for how many people will be there so I'm not expecting throngs of people.

My goal - again is under 26. I clocked myself at 27:05 last night as part of a 4 mile run, and my previous best is 26:03.

Closing Comments
This is only the second time I've had a time based goal on a 5k, my plan of attack is the same, take it out around 8 and hold on. Hopefully my brother will be nearby and we can push each other, I'm just hoping I can keep up the whole time :)

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