Saturday, March 5, 2011

Race Preview - March 4 Hunger

My wife's near years resolution was to have me do one race every month. This month's race is a 5k, it will be me, my wife, my two kids, my sister and brother and their two kids.

Race Info
The race is along the Hollywood Broadwalk. They don't have any course information, so I'll assume it's a simple out and back.

My goal is 25 minutes or less. I have done 22 on a treadmill, but it's been two weeks since half marathon, and I have only gotten one day of exercise in. One of my toes looks like death, and my knees were really sore, and I didn't want to push it. Also I'm starting to gear up for triathlon season, so I'll be splitting my time this week with the bike. I think 25 is doable - we'll see.

Closing Comments
This is where I live, so the run should be very familiar. The only trepidation I have is that I've not done a 5k with a goal time; they've all been fun runs. So I don't really know how to tackle it, I'm going to take it out right around 8 minutes per mile and just hold on.

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