Friday, February 4, 2011

Race Preview - Ft. Lauderdal A1A half Marathon

With one half out of my way, and feeling like my lack of experience got in the way of meeting my goals, I immediately signed up for another.

Race Info
The race goes through downtown Ft. Lauderdale, through what appears to be a small park, and along the beach on A1A. It's very flat, so that suites me just fine. According to the website there is a cap on entrants at 6,000; a far cry from the 21,000+ at the last race. I'm really hoping that means it will be less of a zoo, time will tell.

Overall, my goal is to break 2 hours. I missed by a little more than 6 minutes the last time, but I really believe that if I can settle into my pace in the first mile instead of after three miles I can make that time up. A related goal, get back into some training. I took a few days off this week because my calves were so sore, and the last two runs have been nice and easy. My knees feel a little funny, so I don't want to push my luck. This weekend I'm hoping to get in 8 miles.

Closing Comments
I really like running near the ocean near where we live, so I'm thinking the salty ocean breeze will help motivate me at the end. I'm hoping the coral system gets me in a place where I don't spend too much time passing people and can just settle in to a crowd that runs roughly my pace. Having said that, I do have a little fear that not passing everyone will be a confidence neutralizer. It definitely makes you feel good to pass 5000 runners.

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